Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Trolling New Media (15/09/2015 - Day 3)

Hello again!

I was up a little late last night, which really only serves as a detriment to my work out regime. Unfortunately I missed my work out this morning in order to make way for more blissful dreams. Aren't dreams so much better in the early AM anyway? I'd say so. I suppose I still have time to complete my workout before it's dark, but I'm already so horribly exhausted that I doubt I'll have any sort motivation to put on the gym shoes.

I think I found my new favorite class. Management. For some reason it feel so easy. Everything seems to be so self explanatory, but then again, it's highly likely that we're covering more remedial content prior to delving into the deeper, more concerning topics. According to the professor, one of my answers was almost verbatim what the test will say. I guess that's a good thing? Am I becoming a psychic? Time will tell.

I suppose I should clarify my schedule for those that are confused. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'm at the University for only a few hours in the morning, and Tuesday/Thursday I spend the greater portion of my day there. Two classes Mon/Wed/Fri, three classes Tues/Thurs. Management, Writing, and New Media take place on Tuesday/Thursday, whereas Macroeconomics and Sociology are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Overall I really enjoy my schedule, as it's laid out in a way conducive to carpooling with others. This is very important for someone who lives about 30-40 minutes from the university, and I'm swiftly learning that gas is not cheap - even when it's cheap.

Academic writing is certainly an interesting topic. Admittedly, the assigned passage we were given bored me to tears, but I figure it's because of the academic tone. You see, with academic writing the sole goal is to create knowledge, and expand knowledge. The speaker will dive into a topic and stay there for quite some time. The passage we were required to read was on the topic of Global Education, which fortunately for me was something I'd had a bit of experience in. The class was actually quite interesting as we discussed the topic. I felt I was able to provide at least mostly relevant insights and ideas.

University is such an intelligent place. There are so many intelligent people. It's fascinating. I've always been attracted to intelligent conversation, and university brings out the best in me. It's funny though, I seem to be struggling to reequip my dignified vernacular. I'll misuse words and then realize I have immediately upon using them. Trial and error my friends, trial and error.

My last class of the day always has me wiped. I'm always running on fumes by the time I get to that class. Not only is the end of the day for me, but it's also a skip, leap, and a hop away from all the other classes. There are a lot of stairs. I don't know how people can get that "freshmen 15" people are always going on about. There are too many stairs to gain any weight.

New Media has me a little bored. It's unlike my other 4 classes. I really thought New Media would end up being my favorite class, but so far all we do is talk about "abstract" topics and how we need to think creatively. Look, I only took the stinking' class because I wanted to learn how to use Photoshop better. I don't particularly care who invented Photoshop and why. I just need to learn to use it. I shouldn't be overly critical though, the professor is a really nice guy, and seems to genuinely care about our success as New Media artists. We even did a funny little creative exercise where we were given a prompt and assigned to draw whatever came to mind. The prompt was something like "How Photoshop ate my Homework". We were under a 1 minute time constraint before we would suddenly be required to move. We worked on everyone else's drawings, using our own creative juices to add to their masterpieces.

I have a confession: I trolled everyone. I would write stupid memes on everyone's photoshoped stuff, and by the end I was drawing piles of manure on all of them. Somebody drew a picture of a guy with a backwards cap so naturally I attempted to alter it just enough to become the "Scumbag Steve" meme. Hah! Not too shabby.

I've never been more tired, thankfully I have plenty of microwavable single-serve lasagna available for me to gobble up. Still sucks not having anyone in the house though. I can get sort of bored all alone. It's made me realize how I have absolutely no desire to live alone. Family life is the best.

Welp, I best be off - maybe I'll actually get to that workout. Probably not though.

Until tomorrow,


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